Archiving & Records Management

Our Archive & Records management systems ensures that historically significant records, including electronic records, are smoothly transferred to archives for permanent preservation. Maintaining communication with the record creators and managers increases effectiveness and reduces costs by ensuring that the records are efficiently transferred and retrieved.

At MIAS Solutions, we manage the complete life cycle of your documents. The retention of certain data and documentation is a legal obligation, applicable to all companies.

MIAS Solution offers highly secure document storage solutions, while allowing you immediate electronic and physical access to your documents.

In addition, we also handle the safe and confidential disposal of your records.

By outsourcing their records management, our clients can focus on their core business, and save time and money on managing their records

We provide further advice on managing records in our information and records management section.

Our Archives & Record Services Includes:

  • Auditing & Training – MIAS Solutions can provide training in the use of EAS software, our online records management solution, or in the use of scanner software. Document management and archivist training is provided in small groups to facilitate learning and is provided by experts in records management
  • Physical Archiving – Physical Document Management from A to Z
  • Electronic Archiving – Put your information in a safe and accessible place by using our own records management software. Sensitive data conservation is available via our HTTPS portal optimised for a secure connection using a log in and a password, and accessible from any terminal connected to internet. Our solution guarantee you a complete traceability of documents, which allows you to follow the lifecycle of your data.
  • Digital Imaging – Our document digitization department manages the digital imaging process of your documents, which are then returned to you in an electronic format.
  • Heritage Imaging -MIAS Solutions is used to handling art and heritage items, we are experts in imaging these important documents. MIAS Solutions has all the resources and experience to handle your heritage imaging and ensures you the best results. Get in contact with one of our experts who will give you professional advice.Digitized imaging will give your heritage pieces a new breath of life and ensure it can be enjoyed by yourself and others for many more years to come.In today’s fast paced world, electronic forms of medium are far easier to access, for a larger number of people, and in wider geographical locations – so you can share the joy you gain from the piece easily!