Records & Documents Management

We’re a records management company that reduces storage costs, improves workflow and saves you time

Every one of our clients receives dedicated account management, a free document shredding policy and a GPS tracked next-day retrieval service as standard. Take advantage of smarter records management with MIAS Solutions, free from the unnecessary costs layered on by other records storage companies

Records Management Services Offered

  • Safe and Secure Storage Locations

Our storage facility is conveniently located in the metropolitan city of Ibadan and offers dedicated viewing rooms where you can review your inventory. MIAS Solution’s facilities are fully accredited with the latest security, fire and data protection standards. Local police, alarms and CCTV systems guarantee that your records stay confidential and secure.

  • File Audits & Retention Policies

Make use of our secure document auditing service that analyses your records inventory and classifies your files, enabling you to quickly determine what can be destroyed. This means you can reduce your in-house storage costs, minimise non-compliance risks with ever more stringent data protection legislation, and focus on your core competencies.

  • Retrieval & Scan On Demand

Every business needs more than just offsite storage. We offer a full service records management solution, from collection, to barcode tracking, online management software and retrievals back to your office. We provide same and next-day deliveries in our GPS tracked fleet and we can scan-back your crucial documents within 3-hours


How are we different?

When it comes to records management, very few companies will break down their charges into a simple, all encompassing monthly invoice. What you’ll more often find is that their overall costs are concealed in the form of surcharges, for anything from petrol, to penalties for traffic delays.

This is completely against our business ethic. When you request a records management quote from us you’ll see straightforward and minimal pricing. Quite a contrast to the PLC storage companies! Half of our clients come to us from another records management company for this reason.